Popular apparel print options we offer:

Plastisol ink

This is the standard screen print technique. Involves forcing plastic based inks through mesh screens,
one color at a time is laid down onto the garment. Plastisol print ink lays on top of the fabric.

Screen Printing

Screen Print


Pros: Lowest cost , durable, color matches close to exact, works on most materials.
Cons: Can feel heavy on the shirt with big imprints, not eco friendly.


Waterbase discharge printing

This technique uses a different type of ink all together. Yes it is more eco friendly,
and feels much much nicer. Essentially this technique uses ink to dye the fabric directly.
Pros: Hands down waterbase printing creates a softer feel on the shirt. Gives shirts more of a vintage look.
Downside: It is more expensive, limited ink colors, and doesn’t work on all fabrics(works great on cotton, and some blends), and color matches are not guaranteed.

Plastisol vs waterbase

Sublimation printing

Uses special inks to create full color, vibrant prints. Works on some fabrics, but definitely not everything.
Pros: great for full color prints, vibrant colors, low minimum orders
Cons: cost is high, and ink doesn’t work on all garments.

Bottom line, if you aren’t sure what type of decoration to use for your apparel, Pure Promotions has been making shirts since
the early 80’s. We can help guide you through this process to make sure you get the look and feel of your dreams


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