With embroidery we can really give your piece of apparel a nice high quality, finished look. Embroidery works on a wide array of fabrics and items, especially on shirts, hats and jackets.
Embroidery will give us much less detail than print, but the hand decorated embroidered look works excellent for most logos.





If you aren’t sure if your logo will work, be sure to contact your rep from Pure Promotions and they can tell you if it will work, or how we can make it look the best.

Pros: looks amazing, durable, mid price point, works great on the left chest, low minimums, one time setup charge, no upcharge for multiple colors!
Cons: less detail, large logos are expensive, some fabrics it won't work(very thin fabric, and waterproof materials are not recommended)

We have thousands of thread colors to choose from and can match your colors very closely. Once we perfect your logo, we can easily make future orders for you very easily and follow all your brand guidelines. 

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