Event Frenzy

  • Feb 20, 2017

Many of you reading this blog have been to some public or private event. It matters not the level of the event or the type of contest but the one common marketing thread that runs deep in the organizers veins.....FREE IMPRINTED STUFF!

As a young boy I clearly recall a day in my life some several decades ago when a retail center was having a grand opening and all children 12 and under would receive a FREE gift just for showing up (of course the organizers knew 12 and unders can't drive nor do they have any cash readily available so mom and dad most likely would be arriving as well). Clever people!

Now the underlying thought process of the event organizers was to serve a different purpose...have the kids bring their parents. I needed to be there, so convincing my parents was not going to be an easy task. I already knew from my limited past and painful experiences  that no amount of fits or tears would be even remotely successful, so I employed the very seldom used direct approach......"they're giving away FREE balsa wood gliders to the first 500 kids!" I blurted to my father...(I had also recruited my younger brother Jeff to stand behind me for "maximum effect")..."balsa wood gliders..huh? I had one of those"......A long silence and then we had confirmation...SOLD!! He bought it and that very Saturday we were off to the new store and my brother and I doggedly reminded my father that there was only 500 so we needed to be there early so as not to miss out, We made it and well under the 500 child cutoff and my mission was accomplished, a new plane....and it was free.

 "IMPRINTED STUFF" has the magic ability to create excitement....loyalty.......increase sales....make an experience memorable ....draw a crowd. It reaches a part of every person regardless of their age, status or gender.

Now I to this day do not know if my parents bought anything at the store but I do remember the promotion, the prize and the store...Woolworths.

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